In early 2017, JxTwo entered into a collaborative partnership with Variety, as the classic Hollywood brand made a foray into digital content. The creative teams at Variety’s parent company Penske Media recognized that thoughtful graphics and execution make the difference when it comes to views and closing sales deals with brand clients like The Venetian, Amazon, and Audi.

Equal, a docu short, containing relevant dialogue on being female in Hollywood was seen for the first time at Variety’s prestigious Power of Women red carpet event. Once online the Audi edit had 102,049 views and counting. Additional cut down content was delivered for concurrent release on social feeds to cross promote this co-branded venture.

JxTwo provided a content package for Tribeca Short List. These enjoyable short form videos got views ranging from 7,968 and upwards to 49,753. Due to the success of these branded entertainment pieces, Variety’s short list client signed on for more content.

Although digital content is in the early stages at Variety, the company is reaching 2017 goal markers, and 2018 is looking even better. Along the way, JxTwo will continue applying problem-solving energy and developing compelling creative to help Variety reach millions of audiences.