In our business, we love a happy coincidence! In this case, JxTwo partnered with two different clients to create solutions for the same show. What began as a design assignment to sell a women’s prison drama became a memorable and marketable brand opportunity for Lionsgate.

Initially, we designed the “Orange is the New Black” show logo and title card animation, working alongside Thomas Cobb, Jenji Kohan, and Netflix. Once OITNB quickly became the most watched original series on Netflix, Lionsgate wanted to capitalize on the show’s buzz. As entertainment kismet would have it, Lionsgate asked JxTwo to help launch an online store and brand a range of new consumer products based on the series we already knew inside and out.

Netflix loved the logo and title animation so much, they still feature it in all show promotion. Here's a fun fact: though our initial scope did not include the signature sound of the cell doors slamming, this JxTwo creation has become a defining part of the OITNB viewer experience.