How do you turn a fitness subculture into a national sports entertainment brand? Get that ESPN contract.

CrossFit had just lined up Reebok as a sponsor for the CrossFit Games – after promising to expose the newly sponsored Games to ESPN’s large viewership. Now, CrossFit had to convince ESPN that their events, with a niche spectatorship, constituted a viable sport worthy of broadcast time. Faced with a challenge beyond the traditional pitch, CrossFit needed to prove through online viewing numbers and big data that the Games had the potential for largescale entertainment value and brand appeal, all while producing the inaugural Games.

CrossFit recruited JxTwo for a cohesive brand identity and content strategy that would garner the clicks needed to impress ESPN. We helped internal teams align around a singular brand vision, and we positioned CrossFit as an up-and-coming sports entertainment brand deserving of a large audience and merchandising contracts. We also concepted and executed short-form entertainment content from event coverage to Sports Series that highlighted the appeal and reach of the CrossFit brand.

In the end, CrossFit got the deal with ESPN. As its popularity grows around the world, the organization still uses the branded elements we created for that life-changing launch into the world of sports entertainment.