They get up to speed lightning quick. And instead of delivering what they want, they deliver what you need – only better

Dan Ferguson
Associate Vice President, Marketing



I love that it is only solutions with these two.

Kiesha McCorry
VP, TV Marketing



I think it is safe to say that Jeanne and Jeremy may have broken the unattainable creative triangle. They are great, fast and reasonably priced.

Mandy Martin
Associate Vice President, Creative Marketing



JXTWO is the future! Small, nimble, sharp, responsive and the nicest team you would ever want to work with. Their longevity, relevance and focus on the clients needs makes a winning combination. The work is top notch. I highly recommend them. Bravo!

Curt Doty



J and J are my go-to creative team. They come through every time! Often I’m asking for their help at the last minute, and they never disappoint delivering awesome/inspiring ideas, save-the-project creative, and rockin’ elements.



I have been working with JxTwo for over ten years now, partly because they act as an extension of my in-house staff, partly because they are mind readers and magicians; always because they are brilliant and my projects exceed my wildest expectations. I cannot sing their praises loud enough.

Faye Walker
SVP Customer Acquisitions



Jeremy & Jeanne have consistently provided us with amazing design work under tight deadlines, and they couldn’t be easier to work with.

Sharon Everitt
Film Signal



MGM has had the pleasure of working with JXTWO on numerous print and video assignments. We have yet to be disappointed. Their creativity and attention to detail is second to none, as is their unique and quite often out-of-box design. Mix that in with Jeanne and Jeremy’s easy-going personalities, and you have the recipe for a top-rate company that always delivers something special to you.

Barry Gurstein
Vice President, Marketing
MGM Worldwide Television Group



Our collaborations with JXTWO have been some of the most memorable and successful in our history. Jeanne and Jeremy provide the perfect combination of creative talent and buttoned-up-get-it-done production. They are experienced, highly skilled design professionals who give your projects the full attention of an indie boutique. I always look forward to the chance to work with them.

Judy Korin



JXTWO’s comprehensive design and production strategies consistently deliver the kind of inspired, creative results that make my business look great—and they always do it on schedule. Highest recommendation.

Douglas Jones
Vice President of Creative and Visual Design



Hey ya’ll!

Just wanted to tell you a little story:
Kyle, one day, meets Jeremy and Jeanne. He sees their work – loves it. Kyle has an idea. Next thing you know, Jeremy and Jeanne make a Feelgoodz DVD for Kyle. This DVD ends up in over 50 Whole Foods.

Kyle meets Zoe and Steve in Hawaii. Zoe and Steve sell Feelgoodz. Zoe and Steve meet a man named Brian Cohen in Hawaii. Brian loves Zoe and Steve, loves Feelgoodz. Brian, turns out, has been in the apparel business for 25 years. Brian is the chief business development director for the 2nd largest textile trading company in the world, Sumikin Bussan, based in Japan. (Brian has brought American Eagle to Japan.)
Brian thinks he can help. Brian goes to Japan with samples of feelgoodz and the DVD created by Jeremy and Jeanne, to meet with the CEO of Sumikin Bussan. Ceo loves the product, LOVES the brand after seeing the DVD, introduces Brian to the chief buyer of the leading fashion chain in Japan, United Arrows. Sumikin Bussan, after seeing the product and DVD, wants to be the chief financier and distribution partner for Feelgoodz globally. Now everyone around the world can be Steppin’ Easy, Feelin’ Good.

Kyle Berner
Creator, Feelgoodz LLC



We would not be where we are today without Jeanne and Jeremy. Not only were they there at the outset, working hand in hand with our entire creative team to cultivate the network’s brand, they’ve nurtured its steady development with us ever since. Tennis Channel’s look and feel owes its origin and maintenance to both of them, but it’s more than just their artistic outlook, strategic vision and conceptual talents, more than their impact on years of print ads, on-air graphics and countless marketing materials. More even than the design awards Tennis Channel has won based on their work. They view our success as their success and have truly “moved in” at the network, becoming a vital, integral part of our family. They deeply care about the integrity of the Tennis Channel brand, and the product that they continue to guide has stood the test of time.

Robyn Miller
Senior Vice President, Marketing
Tennis Channel